Template:Cleanup-comics Template:Infobox comics organization The All-Star Winners Squadron, also known as the All-Star Winners Society, was an Amalgam Comics superhero team that supposedly existed during the Golden Age. They are a combination of DC Comics' All-Star Squadron and Marvel Comics' All-Winners Squad. The team made their true debut in Super-Soldier: Man of War #1, though in the Amalgam universe, their first appearance was most likely in the All-Star Winners Comics series.

Situated in Metropolis, The All-Star Winners Squadron were a team of superheroes who defended both the city and America in the era during and after World War II. It seemed that Super-Soldier was the leader of the team, as everyone (excluding the Mariner looked up to him. Brooklyn Barnes of the Young Commandos was on the team as well, as the team's mascot.

The team was first formed when Human Lantern, The Whiz and Aqua Mariner came together originally to find Atlantis. American Belle and Super Soldier followed respectively, and Super Soldier soon became their elected leader, with Brooklyn Barnes as their honorary member.

During its' time, Super Soldier and Aqua Mariner frequently squabbled during meetings, which was soon resolved by neither of them speaking to one another.

The All-Star Winners Squadron became a popular team with fans due to the nostalgia of Golden Age comics that was captured in their debut issue.