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Aqua Mariner (Arthur McKenzie) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner and DC Comics Aquaman.


Prince Namor was the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. When Atlantis was destroyed, Namor devoted himself to protecting the seas while searching for survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. He traveled to the surface and assumed the alias of “Arthur Mackenzie”. When World War II happened, Arthur joined forces with the Super-Soldier and the All-Star Winners Squadron as the Aqua Mariner.

Due to his metamutant powers, Aqua Mariner was still a young man in the 90’s and became a member of the Judgement League Avengers. When he was framed for the destruction of several oil tankers, only the metamutant members of the League believed in his innocence and left the League. Aqua Mariner and the metamutant members formed their own team, JLX.


Aqua Mariner is a super-humanly strong metamutant with the power to breathe underwater and can fly via the wings on his ankles. He can command sea creatures telepathically.

Aqua Mariner ages at a much slower rate than normal humans and despite being over 70 years old still looks like a man in his early twenties.