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Bat-Thing (Kirk Sallis) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Man-Thing and DC Comics' Man-Bat.


Dr. Kirk Sallis was dying from an incurable disease and decided to conduct gene-splicing experiments on himself using plant and animal DNA samples to save himself. The treatments cured Kirk, but transformed him into a bat-like creature known as the Bat-Thing, armed with leathery wings, claws, and an acidic touch. Inspector Bullock of New Gotham Police was examining a murder on a local drug-dealer who had been savagely clawed to death. All fingers appeared to point to the Bat-Thing, until news arrived of an escaped convict, known simply as "Fat Freddy", who had a vendetta against Inspector Bullock and planned to claim his revenge by attacking the Sallis family who were under his protection. The New Gotham Police discovered that Bat-Thing was not responsible for the murder of the drug-dealer, as he was a victim of Fat Freddy who was attempting to cover his tracks. The Bat-Thing, despite suffering gunshot wounds by Bullock, defeated Fat Freddy and kept his family safe, before returning to his laboratory in the swamp.


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