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Beastling (Hank Logan) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Beast and of DC Comics' Beast Boy.


Hank Logan was on a safari expedition in Africa as a teenager with his parents and was struck down by a rare disease. As his parents administered a cure, Hank underwent a series of fever dreams depicting nightmarish mutations. When the antidote destroyed the virus, he had become Beastling.

Being unable to live a life of a Metamutant, Beastling was accepted into the X-Patrol and still defends New York City despite his outward appearance. When the X-Patrol was first formed, he frequently flirted with Shatterstarfire, much to her bemusement. Over time, Beastling learned to take his position on the team more seriously.

For a time, Beastling became attracted to Terra-X, before she betrayed the X-Patrol to X-Stroke the Eliminator. When Terra-X was resurrected by Brother Brood, he was among her first targets.

According to the letters column of X-Patrol #1, Beastling is described by fans as fun-loving, lovable and cuddly.

Powers & Abilities

Beastling has speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance. He can perform many tasks with his feet as easily as with his hands. Because of his gifts and training, Beastling can outperform any Olympic-level athlete, contorting his body and performing aerial feats gracefully.

Beastling has claw-like nails and fang-like teeth. With this physique, Beastling uses his claws to climb vertical surfaces. Beastling has the ability to emit mood altering pheromones, causing sexual attraction in women, and he becomes strong enough to withstand falls that would crush the bones of a normal human. Beastling has extremely powerful limbs, allowing him to make astounding leaps and to run at great speeds for a short duration.

As a shape shifter, Beastling has the ability to morph into the monstrous creatures that plagued his fever dreams. These transformations take only a second and Beastling has demonstrated that he is capable of rapidly changing his form with little or no effort expended. His power enables him to completely alter his body mass, being able to take the shape of creatures far larger and heavier than himself.

While in creature form, Beastling retains his human intellect, memories, and the ability to speak. No matter what form he takes, his skin, hair, and his eyes, will remain green.