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Firebird has joined the Justice League X-Men/JLX recruited by Mister X. In the Dark Firebird Saga, she joined the Hellfire Club of Injustice. She is in a relationship with a metamutant called Apollo.

Firebird is a metamutant with powerful telepathic abilities, can use telekinesis, and also pyrokinesis in green flames. Her combination of telekinesis and pyrokinesis called 'telekinetic fire' can be used to lift objects, or burn them. She can manipulate fire and flames by stimulating heat molecules to create those flames.


Telepathy: Beatriz Grey possesses telepathic powers. She is a very strong telepath. She can read minds and thoughts without moves and noise, and manipulate their mind as her will. She also can project her telepathic form in a flaming-green bird.

Telekinesis: Firebird possesses the telekinetic ability to lift tons of weight, and also can telekinetically reconstruct and rearrange things by their molecules. She can create the combination of her fire power and telekinesis fire, called 'telekinetic fire' or 'psycho-kinetic fire' that can lift and move things, create force fields, or burn them until their ashes. But usually she uses her telekinesis to lift up her enemies, and create protective shields.

Pyrokinesis: Firebird can light up magical green fire, but it can easily be extinguished with water, ice, or any other object that puts out fire. Firebird can create fire, flames, thermal explosions and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules from anywhere, usually in her vicinity. Her fire color is green, so her flames look like eternal green flames, although they're not. Her flames are very strong, and very hard to be extinguished. The flames will be extinguished if Firebird wants to extinguish the fire, or if she wants to burn her enemies by their molecules, until no molecules of her enemies are left because of her fire. Firebird also can burn her enemies mentally, because of her psionic green firebird. So, she can burn her enemies mentally, and physically indeed. Both of her burnings are the same equal of pain. And she usually lights up her fire in the shape of a fiery blazing green vird raptor.

Resurrection: Firebird can also resurrect herself after death, or anybody that she wants to live again. If she dies, she'll burn herself until her ashes, and create a 'telekinetic firebird egg' to heal herself.

Super Flight: Firebird can fly at supersonic speed. She can fly with the speed of light, because of her cosmic power.


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