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Bizarnage is an Amalgam of Marvel Comics's Carnage and DC Comics' Bizarro.


Bizarnage was born when an attempt by Project Cadmus to synthetically clone alien DNA resulted in the creation of a nightmarish, crystalline symbiote. Bursting free from his embryo-tube birthplace, he wreaked havoc throughout Project Cadmus oozing and slicing through everything and everyone that is, until Spider-Boy saved the day.

Afflicted by the "evil" DNA that rival scientist Dabney Donovan had been secretly adding to his diet, Cadmus' chief scientist Prof Richards set Bizarnage free from Cadmus' menagerie in an act of sabotage. Bizarnage grafted onto Challengers of the Fantastic member Red Storm and began running amok through the genetic research facilities of Project Cadmus, knocking Cadmus' power grid offline in the process. Luckily, Spider-Boy arrived on the scene to protect the Cadmus scientists from the deranged D.N.Alien bent on death and destruction.

The battle between Bizarnage and Spider-Boy continued in the genetic research facilities of Project Cadmus. Bizarnage wanted to be Spider-Boy but rationalized that, since there can only be one Spider-Boy, he would have to kill the original Arach-Kid. After successfully dodging the webbing from Spider-Boy's Web-Shooter, Bizarnage attacked Cadmus Director Tom Harper and attempted to graft onto him so that Bizarnage could become the Cadmus "big boss."

But before Bizarnage could graft onto Tom Harper, Spider-Boy lured him away by promising not to move. Bizarnage took the bait and separated from Red Storm so that he could instead graft onto Spider-Boy. As the Bizarnage symbiote slithered across the floor toward Spider-Boy, the Arach-Kid fired his Web-Shooter at a button that activated the door to one of Cadmus' Energy Containment Cells. The unsuspecting Bizarnage was sucked through the door and imprisoned.

Despite its imprisonment, pieces of Bizarnage's DNA would later be used to create the supervillains Recluse and Venom Stinger.

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