• BatFan2099

    Warning! This is a piece of fanfiction created by myself!

    Using this website, I have composed this variation of the Infinity War in the Marvel Cinematic Universe using Amalgam Comics. 

    Using the Infinity Gauntlet, Darkseid wipes out all "non-essentials" in the universe with a snap. Here are the charts:

    • Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    • Superman (Captain America)

    • Robin (Damian Wayne)
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  • Comicbookguyjeff

    I've always loved the concept of Captain America jr. from Unlimited Access #4. He turned from a scrawny (F-4) kid to a buff teen with a shield. By saying the magic words "Uncle Sam"! he turned into a Teen Super Soldier. If you go by the Shazam mythos, each letter stands for a god. For Uncle Sam it supposed to be Presidents of the United States. Problem is they only gave us 3 of said presidents in his one and only appearance. HUGE PROBLEM: there are no Presidents with an "S" in there last name!!! This has bothered me for years and I finally created a list of Presidents (with S as a VP) and attributes for his activation word:

    U=Ulysses S. Grant- Stalwart Strength---------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

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  • ElectricMayhem


    • Thunder Woman
    • Silver Flash
    • Green Panther
    • Nightdevil
    • Black Knight
    • The Creep
    • Sovereign
    • The Raven
    • John Strange
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  • ElectricMayhem
    • Heroes: Spider-Boy (Ben Reilly/Superboy) and Insect Queen (Mary Jane/Lana Lang)
    • Villains: Mystallo (Mysterio/Metallo)
    • Back Page: "If you enjoyed Spider-Boy's tussel; with the robotic illusion master, Mystallo, then you'll enjoy Spidey and Darkclaw's team-up, as they go to take down the Injustice Six, (Hydro-Parasite, Scavulture, Silicon Man, 'Lectron, Octainiac, and Rhinobo) and The X Trio (Omega Bane, Cyber Croc, and Man-Windigo), meanwhile, a new cat burglar, Black Swan, runs into Dare The Terminator, and things don't go well!"


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  • Deadpool fan11

    I'm a big fan of the amalgam uiverse and when i had first discovered it I had immediatly thought why dont they have this now a days. And to me its even better to have it again because the characters in both the marvel and dc universes had endured some great changes in their own lives and worlds itself. For example that whole deal with a new spider-man would it not be awsome to hear in the malgam universe that there is a new spider-boy and he's taking over. Or that whole supermen war it would be awsome to hear that super-soldier is ctually finding out were his true beginings came about and then to have others just like him haveing a big fight with him. And anyway who wouldnt want to see a new brand of amalgams like deadpool meets deathstrok…

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