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Canary (Dinah Barton) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Mockingbird and DC Comics Black Canary.


Canary was one of the original members of the Judgement League Avengers, alongside Doctor Strangefate, Angelhawk, Iron Lantern, and the Aqua Mariner.

Canary was present when the JLA discovered the body of Super-Soldier in suspended animation, frozen in an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The shocked heroes carefully defrosted Super-Soldier's body, discovering to their delight that he was still alive after all these years. Finally back in action, Super-Soldier joined the JLA. Though Canary fell in love with teammate Hawkeye, she found herself torn between the emerald bowman and Goliath.

Along with the other members of the JLA, Canary was transported to Apokolips by Doctor Strangefate in order to fight the forces of Thanoseid during the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour. Near the close of the event, Canary was among those heroes present as American Girl heroically sacrificed her life to further the heroes' cause.

At some later point, Aqua Mariner was framed for the destruction of three Roxxon oil freighters, a heinous criminal act which was actually perpetrated by the metamutant-hating madman known as Will Magnus. Given Aqua Mariner's longtime personal war against surface dwellers who would harm his undersea habitat, the United States government automatically labeled him an "eco-terrorist" and sent in an army of troops to apprehend him without so much as an investigation. Canary was present when the non-metamutanbt members of the JLA eventually captured Aqua Mariner and imprisoned him without trial.

Outraged by the manner in which their fellow metamutant was imprisoned without trial, most of the metamutant members of the JLA, under the guidance of Mister X, freed Aqua Mariner from JLA custody and set out to find the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary city of Homo Superior, under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. But the Canary and her non-metamutant teammates were not about to give up Aqua Mariner without a fight.

On the stormy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Canary and the JLA engaged their former teammates, now known as the JLX, in an attempt to capture Aqua Mariner. Sitting atop the shoulder of Goliath, Canary boarded the JLX Wavecruiser, but was soon temporarily disabled by Wraith's shadow powers while Goliath was preoccupied with Runaway. After Angelhawk seemingly broke his back, Super-Soldier instructed the JLA to retreat so that they could seek medical treatment for Angelhawk. However, the JLA vowed to bring Aqua-Mariner to justice another day.

Powers and abilities

Canary is a skilled martial artist.

Canary has the power to generate sonic blasts with her vocal chords.