Captain Quantum

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Captain Quantum

Captain Quantum (Nathan Vaughn) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Quasar and DC Comics' Captain Atom. Nathan Vaughn was a Captain in the US Army during the Vietnam War. He and his troops were assigned to guard a top secret government lab that was studying alien technology called the Quantum Field Bands. When the lab was attacked by robots sent from the AIM Agenda, Nathan put on the bands to keep them safe and found himself bonded to the alien tech. Able to fly and manipulate cosmic energy, Nathan was able to defeat the enemy forces. However he was unable to take the bands off. Nathan was given a costume and was dubbed Captain Quantum by the government. While on a mission Captain Quantum's bands overloaded and launched him 20 years into the future, as well as turning his skin into alien metal. Now a stranger in a strange time, Captain Quantum seeks to understand his powers as well while still trying to protect his country.

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Captain Quantum's original costume
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