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Challengers of the Fantastic were a superhero team featured in Amalgam Comics for a short time. Their first appearance was in Challengers of the Fantastic #1, though in Amalgam Comics continuity, their debut was in the metafictional Strange Tales of the Unexpected #1 during the Silver Age of comics. They were an amalgamation of Challengers of the Unknown and Fantastic Four.


The Challengers of the Fantastic consisted of several "death-cheating" agents, as they were nicknamed. Most of them had the alternate identities of the Fantastic Four, which dominated most of the series. Members were

  • Ace - Susan Storm - an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Rocky - Senator Ben Grimm
  • Prof - Prof. Reed Richards
  • Red - Johnny Storm - a young daredevil
  • June Masters - An honorary Challenger and scientist. She holds some feelings for Ben Grimm, and is an Amalgam of June Robbins (DC) and Alicia Masters (Marvel)
  • Tino Lumpkin - A postman who was a Challenger in the Silver Age, but was not a member in the "re-releases". He is amalgamated from Tino Ryan (DC) and Willie Lumpkin (Marvel)

The Team

Situated in a cave inside Fantastic Mountain outside New York City, the Challengers of the Fantastic operate similar to International Rescue of the Thunderbirds series, monitoring the area and offering help where it is needed.

Access to New York City is usually from the airplane hangar built into the mountain itself, although there are rumours of caverns leading from the base into the valley below.





  • Challengers Haters of Evil
    • Diablo the Vulcano Man
    • Drabny the Fixer
    • Multi-Master
    • The Radioactive Kra
    • Ultivac the Multi-Robot
  • Communists of Gorillagrad
    • Comrade Grodd
    • Congo-Red
    • Moon Boy
    • Red Gosth
  • Doctor Doomsday
  • Galactiac
  • Infant Mite Terrible - Possible enemy
  • King Lizard
  • Silver Racer - Initially enemy, later ally
  • Yanci Legion


The Challengers of the Fantastic were an amalgamation of Fantastic Four from Marvel Comics and Challengers of the Unknown from DC Comics intentionally because of Jack Kirby and their closeness in time of being created.