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Cyborg Super-Soldier

Cyborg Super-Soldier (Hank Burnside) is an Amalgam of Marvel Comics's Captain America II and DC Comics' Cyborg Superman.


When Super-Soldier was presumed dead in World War II, the United States government tried to create his replacement. Hank Burnside was selected to receive an experimental super-serum derived from the blood of the young alien Mon-Ro. The serum worked, giving Hank incredible powers of flight and superhuman strength and he became the new Super-Soldier. Mon-Ro became his sidekick American Lad. However, it soon became clear that the serum had severe side-effects, as Hank discovered his organs were failing and his muscles were degrading. Hank was given cybernetic body parts to replace the ones he lost, but by that point the serum had also affected his mind and driven him mad. American Lad had to stop his own partner and was severely injured in the fight, and both heroes were placed in suspended animation. Hank escaped 50 years later, believing he was the real Super-Soldier and the actual Super-Solider was an imposter. Now known as the Cyborg Super-Soldier, Hank became one of Super-Soldier's deadliest foes.