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Dare the Terminator

Dare the Terminator (Slade Murdock) the Amalgam of Marvel's Daredevil and DC's Deathstroke the Terminator and Ravager


Slade Murdock was a blind mercenary in New Gotham City acting under the name of "Dare", because of the dares she took and that few dared to challenge her. In Issue #4 of Dare the Terminator, she is captured by Enigma Fisk, the mayor of New Gotham City, who implants two devil horns into her skull to make her look more like a daredevil. Despite being blind, Dare also had her one eye shot out by a criminal named Deadeye, forcing her to wear an eyepatch.

When fellow mercenary Tombstone the Ravager wanted Dare out of the picture, he hireed another assassin, Catsai, to eliminate her. Surprisingly, Catsai and Dare struck up a friendship, and they kill Tombstone instead.

Together, Catsai and Dare are hired to assassinate Enigma Fisk by an unknown benefactor. They fight through Fisk's towers, slaying many enemies along the way. This turns out to be a plot by Fisk to heighten his political stance. Fisk tore Slades' horns from her head, as well as her brains. Dare presumably dies, but was resurrected after a visit by Doctor Strangefate in the unpublished Assassins #2.

In Universe-Two (the alternate reality featuring Lobo the Duck), Dare is among the dead heroes.


Although Catsai is the closest thing Dare has to a family, Slade Murdock has two daughters. The first is Jericha, a member of the Mutant Titans who was killed in Mutant Titans #83. The other is the metamutant Terra-X, a former member of the Mutant Titans and a foe of the X-Patrol. The father(s) of these daughters have never been revealed.

Powers and Abilities

Dare's four remaining senses are heightened far beyond human levels. Although blind, she can "see" by means of her "radar sense". This allows her to react to attacks and launch her own attacks much faster than normal humans. This also enables her to dodge most ranged and close combat attacks with reliability.

Her sense of touch is sensitive enough to detect the faint impressions of ink on paper, allowing her to read by touch. She is also able to feel minute changes in temperature and pressure due to body heat and air disturbance. Her sensitivity to heat allows her to sense the temperature of people and objects in order to determine whether a person is living or dead and, if dead, for how long.

Dare’s sense of smell is enhanced enough to distinguish individuals by their natural odors, and remember and identify them no matter how they attempt to mask their scent, as well as track that individual scent through a crowd of people. Her sense of taste is sharp enough to enable her to detect the number of grains of salt on a pretzel.

Dare’s enhanced sense of hearing enables her to detect acoustic pressure changes that ordinary humans cannot. Dare can often hear gunshots in time to avoid them, if the shooter is far enough away, or human voices through soundproofed walls or the steady rhythm of a heartbeat from several feet away. Dare's sense of hearing makes her constantly aware of her own heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, physical movements, etc.

Dare's senses grant her a superhuman level of kinesthetic awareness, which greatly enhances her fighting skills; she is a master of a unique martial art and a superb athlete and gymnast. She has the strength of ten men, heightened speed, agility, stamina and reflexes. She has the capacity to use unique areas of her brain, granting her various combat and tactical skills. She is adept at turning opponents' own abilities against them. Dare also possesses a regenerative factor in her blood that enables her to heal from physical injury much faster than a normal person. This has also made her effectively immortal, enabling her to recover from what would otherwise be fatal injuries.

Dare's weapon is her Billy Club, a versatile throwing weapon which fires lethal and non-lethal energy blasts from both ends. The club can also be used to strike using energy at each end. Dare is also skilled in the use of many weapons ranging from guns, rifles and swords.


  • The Big Question - Enigma Fisk, the mayor of New Gotham City
  • Tombstone the Ravager - Another New Gotham Mercenary
  • Wired - Nathan Chase, one of Enigma Fisks' henchmen
  • Deadeye - Bill Lawton, another of Fisks' henchmen
  • Lethal - Sergei Minerva, another of Fisks' henchmen