Doctor Doomsday

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Doctor Doomsday

Doctor Doomsday (Victor Von Doom) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Doctor Doom and DC Comics' Doomsday.


Victor Von Doom was a scientist who fused himself with an alien killing machine, becoming one of the most dangerous villians alive. On more than one occasion, Doctor Doomsday is described by various superheroes as something close to evil incarnate. He has also been mentioned as an ally to Thanoseid, as they worked together during the unpublished Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour.

During the Challengers of the Fantastic comic, Dr. Doomsday stole the powers of the Silver Racer to use to attack the Challengers immediately after a battle with Galactiac.

Powers and abilities

Doctor Doomsday returns to life every time he dies and becomes resistant or immune to what killed him before.

Doctor Doomsday can also develop/evolve resistances to whatever injures or harms him. Doctor Doomsday is covered by bony protrusions all through out his body that serves as added protection for what few vital organs he has (brain, eyes, nervous system) and as weapons (in the form of claws, fangs, and elbow/knee spurs).

Doctor Doomsday possesses extreme physical strength. His other abilities include invulnerability to heat, cold, and injury allowing him to survive on the all inhospitable worlds as well as survive in the vacuum of space. Doctor Doomsday possesses inexhaustible stamina.

Doctor Doomsday also has a highly accelerated healing factor that allows him to heal and regenerate from most damage almost instantly. Doctor Doomsday does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep and his body is almost solid mass. Doctor Doomsday's most dangerous weapon is his genius-level intellect, which has allowed him to make significant progress in virtually all branches of the sciences; he is even an able statesman and diplomat. Doctor Doomsday has constructed hundreds of devices, including a working time machine (the first of its kind on Earth), devices which can imbue people with superpowers, and many types of robots. His most frequently-used robots are his "Doombots," exact mechanical replicas of the real Doctor Doomsday. They look like him, talk like him, and even act like him. Individually, Doombots have an advanced A.I. program that causes them to believe themselves to be the real Doctor Doomsday. In order to prevent his duplicates from harming or out-performing him, Doctor Doomsday installs each Doombot with a damper program that reduces all of its abilities when activated. This program is triggered whenever a Doombot enters Von Doom's presence or the presence of other Doombots.

Doctor Doomsday also possesses a good deal of magic ability. He is able to fire blasts of mystical energy from his hands, create protective shields of magical energy, ensnare foes in bands of energy, and create portals to other planes of existence. Doctor Doomsday has also developed the ability to psionically transfer his consciousness into another nearby human being with whom he's made eye contact.


Doctor Doomsday is the ruler of the island nation of Latkovia, situated somewhere in Europe, where he rules it from Castle Doomsday in the Capital. It is described by Beastling as an unpopular tourist destination. In appearance, it is covered largely by forests, with buildings reminiscent of Romanian architecture.

Latkovia is also home to a group of villains known as the Tyrannoids, but it is unclear if they have any link to Dr. Doomsday himself. The only time Latkovia is ever seen is in X-Patrol #1.

Latkovia is a combination of Marvel Comics' Latveria and DC Comics' Markovia.


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