Dr Strangefate

Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange and DC Comics Doctor Fate. He is the most powerful sorcerer in the Amalgam universe. Strangefate learned that the two keys controlled by Access that would restore the DC Comics and Marvel Comics universes and that everything in the Amalgam universe will be destroyed.

To keep his universe intact, Dr. Strangefate recruits Jade Nova, Skulk and White Witch to capture Access and bring him to Strangefate so the Amalgam universe can remain active. However, Dr. Strangefate realizes that Access has hidden the keys elsewhere, and cannot prevent the destruction of his universe.

It is later revealed in the All Access miniseries that Strangefate survived the end of Amalgam by infusing himself deep within Dr. Strange's psyche. Manipulating the Sorcerer Supreme, he created several cross-dimensional incursions before he was discovered by Batman and Access.

Dr. Strange then preserved the entire Amalgam universe in a pocket dimension, thus ensuring that Strangefate would not menace the Marvel and DC universes again.

According to the storyline of Lobo the Duck, Doctor Strangefate is dead, but this is debatable as the Lobo the Duck storyline was out of continuity with the mainstream Amalgam universe.

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