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Elasti-Girl (Janet Van Dyne) is an Amalgam of Marvel's Wasp and Domino and DC Comics' Elasti-Girl


Janet Van Dyne was a darling of the Monte Carlo casino. She turned a modest inheritance into millions by playing the long odds, earning herself the nickname "Domino." Looking for more excitement, she financed her own expedition. However, things took an ill turn when she fell off a cliff into a cloud of volcanic gasses that activated her metamutant powers.

Janet was later approched by Niles Cable to join the X-Patrol in hopes of saving the future he originated from. Accepting the offer, she became the superheroine Elasti-Girl and developed feelings for Niles.

On one of their missions, the X-Patrol partook on a siege on Latkovia. Elasti-Girl learned that Doctor Doomsday wanted to control heroes' minds and destroyed the computer by shrinking herself to go inside it before growing to super size. The X-Patrol escaped after Niles was paralyzed by Doctor Doomsday.

Elasti-Girl was present when Terra-X betrayed the X-Patrol to Brother Brood. At some later point, Elasti-Girl became team leader when Niles was captured by Brother Brood. During the rescue mission, Elasti-Girl put Terra-X out of action by damaging the traitor's ear-canal from the inside at miniature size. As they found Niles, they realize that he is being taken over by the alien Brood. Learning that her teammate Jericho was actually a younger alternate version of Niles, Elasti-Girl came to understand why she had feelings toward him.

Powers and Abilities

Elasti-Girl possesses the power to both shrink and expand into any size she wishes.