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Firebird (Beatriz Grey) is the Amalgam of DC Comics' Fire and Marvel's Phoenix.

Fictional character biography


Firebird was among the original three metamutants to be recruited by the Judgement League Avengers, alongside Apollo and Wraith. Secretly, she was one of the metamutants discovered by Mister X, who had brought her to the JLA.

When the Aqua Mariner was framed by Will Magnus for the destruction of some Roxxon Oil tankers, Firebird went with her fellow New Blood members to join the JLX. In their first mission, they released Mariner from his prison, and he promptly joined their team. Firebird stayed with the JLX, though she had to get through many obstacles to stay with the team.

At some point, Firebird fell into a coma early on. Her lover Apollo fell in love with her twin sister the Red Queen, but the Red Queen was killed before Firebird awakened. Firebird and Apollo were reunited, and soon found themselves traveling back in time to the American Old West, the time of Generation Hex, where they encountered Ra's A-Pocalypse.

Dark Firebird

Dark Firebird

After they returned to the present, Firebird got caught in the middle of the Dark Firebird Contract, where her Dark Firebird persona was first released by Mister Mastermind. With the help of Mister X and Niles Cable (her son from a future timeline), the Dark Firebird persona was locked inside her once again, though her teammates grew wary of being around such an unstable partner.

She was put through more problems in the Armageddon Agenda, where Magnus got government permission to hunt metamutants with his army of Sentinels. Angelhawk's friend Maxwell Hodge betrayed all metamutants by teaming up with Magnus. Hodge was able to bring out the Dark Firebird persona in Firebird once more.

Taking the name of Dark Firebird, Beatriz joined the Hellfire League of Injustice, along with Maxwell Hodge, Savage Shaw, and Mistress Maxima. Together, the four of them summoned Fin Fang Flame and ordered the massive dragon to destroy all metamutants. It decided to destroy them first, and it is unknown whether or not Firebird made it out of the inferno alive. However, the letters page at the end of the issue seemed to imply the League may have somehow survived.

Powers and abilities

Firebird possesses a power referred to as "psychokinetic fire", fiery green psionic energy that often manifests around her in the shape of a bird. She can use her ability to fire burning blasts of psychic force and by projecting her energy downward in a focused stream, can generate enough thrust to fly at high speeds. In JLX #1 she psychokinetically fuses the componets of a badly damaged submarine without manifesting any green flames, which suggest she has telekinetic powers as well.