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Fox Bat

Fox Bat (Kathy Silverfox) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Silver Fox and DC Comics' Batwoman.


Kathy Silverfox was one of the Weapon X Project's attempts to create a superhuman soldier. When she learned that they wanted to make her a mindless metamutant killer, she escaped Weapon X and became a vigilante known as the Fox Bat. Learning that Weapon X had created the Dark Claw, Fox Bat decided to terminate him in case he was sent after her.

However, when Fox Bat met Dark Claw, she learned he was not a soulless killing machine. Instead, he was a heroic warrior with strong sense of honor and a conscience. Fox Bat joined forces with Dark Claw, becoming partners and later lovers. However, she was targeted by Dark Claw's enemy, the Hyena, as a way to break him. Though she defeated Hyena, Fox Bat decided to retire from heroics and faked her own death so that nobody would ever try and find her.


Fox Bat possesses an advanced healing factor, heightened senses, cybernetic claws implanted in her fingertips, and the ability to hit any target.