Galactiac is a fictional character in the Amalgam Comics universe. He is a combination of Marvel Comics' Galactus and DC Comics' Brainiac. He first appeared in Challengers of the Fantastic #1 (June 1997)

Fictional character biography

Galactiac is an alien who eats worlds to feed himself, but leaves a section unharmed to study. After discovering the planet Earth, he planned to preserve New York City. Galactiac found his mission hampered by many members of S.T.A.R Labs, and he disposed of the Four-Armed Thing and Johnny Stormtrooper. However, he is in turn defeated by the Challengers of the Fantastic and the Silver Racer. Galactiac leaves Earth swearing vengeance

Publication history

Galactiac made only one appearance, in Amalgam Comics' Challengers of the Fantastic #1. The story was later reprinted as part of The Return of the Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection trade paperback collection.



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