Generation Hex is an Amalgam Comics series, combining elements of DC Comics' Wild West characters and Marvel Comics' Generation X. Their mission is to protect Metamutant's (Known in their time as "Malforms") from hostile elements, and train them to use their powers for the good of humanity: in 1937 they teamed with Minneapolis star/tribune cartoonist Ripley Schultz to form RipleyS believe it or Don T. later a tv show hosted by 1990s thespian Kelly Thissen, from the tv hit California by the Bell.

They first appeared in Generation Hex #1 (April 1997), but in Amalgam continuity, they first appeared in Amalgam Comics Showcase Presents.


Aurora Trigger - Combination of DC's Wayne Trigger/Cinnamon and Marvel's Aurora. Twin sister of Northstar Trigger, and, like him, possesses the ability to fly.

El Papamondo - Combination of DC;'s El Papagayo and Marvel's Mondo, he can absorb matter into his body.

Jono Hex - Combination of DC's Jonah Hex and Marvel's Chamber Founder of the team. His chest is a furnace of Psionic energy.

Jonny Random - Combination of DC's John Tate and Marvel's Random. Can create "Thunder Claps" out of thin air.

Madame Banshee - Combination of DC's Madame .44 and Marvel's Banshee. Former leader of the showgirl Malform group "The Hexions" and great-grandmother to modern-day villain Black Tom Savage. Possesses mind-control powers.

Northstar Trigger - Combination of DC's Walter Trigger and Marvel's Northstar. He and his sister first appeared in Jono Hex man #1, as members of the Alpha Outsiders (A combination of DC's Outsiders and Marvel's Alpha Flight.

Retribution - Combination of DC's Firehair and Marvel's Penance. Has razor-sharp skin. Brought into the team by Nightgate.

Skinhunter - Combination of DC's Scalphunter and Marvel's Skin. His skin is extremely flexible.

White Whip - Combination of DC's Whip and Marvel's Emma Frost. Can focus her psionic energy through her whip.


Nightgate - Combination of DC's Nighthawk and Marvel's Gateway.

Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith - Combination of DC's Pow Wow Smith and Marvel's Boom Boom, member of the New Western Teen Malform Force (A combination of DC's Old West groups and Marvel's X-Force).

Thunderhawk - Combination of DC's Tomahawk and Marvel's Thunderbird. Had a relationship with Madame Banshee, which resulted in a daughter, Thunderchick, a combination of DC's Son of Tomahawk and Marvel's Siryn.


Bat Trask - Combination of DC's Bat Lash and Marvel's Bolivar Trask, creator of the Razormen, a combination of DC's Scissormen and Marvel's Sentinels.

Kultron - Combination of DC's Kobra and Marvel's Ultron. A member of the Sinister Society, he travelled back in time to try and make Metamutants extinct by wiping out their ancestors.

M-Parasiteplate - Combination of DC's Parasite and Marvel's Emplate.

Shaggynaut - Combination of DC's Shaggy Man and Marvel's Juggernaut.


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