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Gimmick Girl

Gimmick Girl (Gwen Stacy) is the Amalgam of Marvel's Gwen Stacy and DC's Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks .


Gwen Stacy was a brilliant young inventor and the daughter of a police captain. As supervillians became more and more common, Gwen worried that her father would be gravely injured should he have to confront them. Gwen attempted to design new weapons and gadgets that she thought would even the odds, but her inventions were dismissed. Upon learning that her boyfriend Peter Parker had used his own inventions to be a superhero known as the Tarantula, Gwen decided to create her own costumed persona. Changing all of her anti-supervillian inventions to make them look like novelties, toys, and tricks, Gwen became the Gimmick Girl.