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Golden Woman

Golden Woman (Lois Lane-Luthor) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Golden Girl and DC Comics' Lois Lane.


Lois Lane was a war correspondent during World War II who became famous for reporting on the superhuman exploits of Super-Soldier. She soon found herself falling in love with him and decided to become his perfect match. Lois knew that Lex Luthor was a brilliant scientist and asked him for help in acquiring powers of her own.

Lex gave a her a serum that imbued her with superhuman strength and speed, limited invulnerability, and the power to leap 1/8th of a mile. Lois took on the identity of Golden Woman and became a hero who helped the Allied forces and Super-Soldier. It was not long though before her powers began to fade and Lex revealed that the serum only gave her powers for a short-while.

In fact, the serum was slowly killing her and she would require constant doses of an antidote that only Lex had to stay alive. Lex told Lois that the only way to get the antidote was to marry him, as he knew that Super-Soldier was in love with Lois and wanted to make the hero suffer. Lois had no choice but to agree and the two married.

Shortly after her daughter Selina was born, Lois tried to leave with her daughter to keep her safe from Lex. Lex knew of her attempt to leave and had his own agents poison every dose of her antidote, killing her. Her legacy would be redeemed through her clone Agent Diamond.