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Green Guardsman (Kyle O'Brien) is an Amalgam of DC's Guy Gardner and Marvel's Guardsman.

When Hal Stark was called away, he trusted the power-battery to his assistant, Kyle O'Brien, who became Green Guardsman during Iron Lanterns' absence from Coast City.

When Iron Lantern returned and resumed his post, Kyle was mocked by others and named "substitute". Using this as a trigger, Mandarinestro promised Kyle that he could have the power to become the Green Guardsman again and replace Iron Lantern forever, and successfully stole the power-battery during a fight against Madame Sapphire.

In the unpublished Iron Lantern #2, Kyle bought the Power Battery to Mandarinestro as promised, but was about to be killed as his usefulness had expired. Instead, he fought Mandarinestro, giving Iron Lantern and Madame Sapphire enough time to arrive, along with Tagak the Lantern Lord.

Kyle became Green Guardsman once again, and helped to defeat Mandarinestro.