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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel (Tom Harper) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Angel and DC Comics' Guardian.


In the 1940's, billionaire Tom Harper was inspired by the adventures of Super-Soldier and used his fortune to to undergo training and develop the costume and weapons he would use as the Guardian Angel. After the end of World War II, Tom retired from superheroics and instead decided to focus on the next generation of heroes by founding Project Cadmus.

When Bizarnage was released by Prof Richards, the symbiote attacked Harper and attempted to graft onto him so that Bizarnage could become the Cadmus "big boss." Luckily, he was spared when Spider-Boy lured Bizarnage into a trap by firing his Web-Shooter at a button that activated the door to one of Cadmus' Energy Containment Cells, sucking the unsuspecting symbiote through the door and imprisoning it.