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Huntress (Carol Danvers) is the Amalgam of DC’s Huntress and Marvel's Ms. Marvel.


Carol Danvers was a rogue ex-government solo agent who used her specialized skills and training as an agent for hire known as the Huntress, although her "treason" may merely have been a cover story for a deep mission.

In search of the feral madman known as the Hyena, Huntress found that his history was intertwined with that of Logan Wayne. To find out more about Hyena, Huntress called in her markers at Langley Air Force Base and used her push at the Department of Defense to access the banks of the super computers under Maryland. Searching the classified databanks, Huntress learned that Creed H. Quinn and Wayne went into a secret Canadian project years ago, back when there was still a secret empire to battle. Since all of the records of the secret project had been conveniently destroyed, Huntress assumed that something went terribly wrong at the project. In order to learn more about the Hyena, Huntress accessed Wayne's dossier in the "top secret archives," and set out to snoop around Wayne's New Gotham penthouse loft.

While the New Gotham vigilante known as Dark Claw was battling Hyena at the Gotham Gazette Printing Plant, Huntress was breaking into Wayne's penthouse loft in the artsy-trendy section of New Gotham. At 11:45 PM, she cut through one of penthouse's windows and disabled its alarm system. Walked through Wayne's art studio and up the staircase, she entered the master bedroom and found photos on Wayne's dresser that confused Huntress.

According to what little information there was in his dossier, Wayne was an orphan raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. However, there were photos of Wayne as a child with what appeared to be his parents standing in front of a luxury apartment building in New Gotham. One photo showed Wayne in the Royal Canadian Air Force, even though there were no records of his service in the organization. Another photo showed Wayne in Southeast Asia alongside Quinn, apparently taken before the top-secret Canadian project. When Huntress opened Wayne's closet, she discovered Dark Claw's secret identity when she found a full wardrobe of Dark Claw costumes.

Before Huntress could uncover anything else, Dark Claw appeared from a secret elevator shaft behind the closet wall and revealed he knew her secret identity. As he was deciding what to do with the intruder, she explained that she was initially out to track down Hyena. Dark Claw explained the project that transformed Quinn into Hyena and brought Huntress down the pneumatic tube that led to the underground Barrow so that he explained his personal history.

Suddenly, Dark Claw's sidekick Sparrow, who had been busy hacking into the Gotham Gazette typesetting computer, vehemently voiced her disapproval of Huntress' presence in the Barrow. Dark Claw explained to Sparrow that he could not simply take Huntress "out in the woods and loose her." He deduced that Hyena was at the Gotham Gazette Printing Plant earlier that night to go into the guts of the typesetting computer and interfere with the typography of the newspaper (rather than to plant a bomb as he had originally suspected). Accessing the altered headlines for the next day's newspaper, the three concluded that Hyena was planning to poison the President of the United States with sodium-cyanide when Air Force 1 departed from Gotham International Airport within the next twenty minutes.

Huntress joined Dark Claw and Sparrow as they went into action. As Sparrow piloted the Claw Copter alongside Air Force 1, Huntress used her crossbow to secure a grappling hook on Air Force 1's landing gear. Dark Claw then used the grappling hook to board Air Force 1, and eventually saved the President from Hyena's evil scheme, although Hyena managed to evade capture once again. At some later point, Huntress' true allegiances were revealed.


Although Huntress does not have powers, she does have a crossbow that was developed for her by Hawkeye the Judgment League Avengers.