Insect Queen

Insect Queen is the fictional alter ego of Mary Jane Watson and an Amalgam of Mary Jane and DC Comics' Insect Queen.


Aspiring model Mary Jane Watson had her life turned upside-down, when she was exposed to the radiation of a strange meteorite. The radiation altered her DNA, enabling her to mimic the powers of insects and arachnids. Deciding that being a superheroine would be much more fun than a model, she assumed the alias of the Insect Queen.

Mary Jane barely began her crime-fighting career when a friend of her parents set her up on a blind date with Spider-Boy. The wild redhead found a kindred spirit in the energetic Spider-Boy, and the two quickly became engaged. It remains to be seen how Insect Queen and Spider-Boy handle being partners in marriage as well as crime-fighting.


Insect Queen has the power to mimic the physical abilities of insects (and some arachnids). If she mimics a hornet, for example, she will sprout insect-like wings and be able to fly, as well as fire bio-electric "stings", if she mimics a bombardier beetle, she can assume its proportionate strength and its ability to fire caustic chemicals, or if she mimics a spider, she can turn her bottom body into spider legs that can stick to walls and an abdomen that can spin webs.

She also has a limited ability to use telepathy to communicate with and command insects.


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