Joshua Summers (Amalgam Universe)


The younger brother of Apollo, Joshua's metamutant powers manifested at a very early age, when he nearly destroyed the orphanage where he and his brother were staying. He hates Mister X for taking his brother away from the orphanage years ago. Chaos' metamutant powers are very unstable and raw, resulting in him having to be held in statis inside a cryonic containment unit at AIM-STAR labs. Chaos is able create forcefields and fire powerful G-force blasts from his body. Chaos was recently released from stasis a decade later in order to fight Fin Fang Flame and is currently with the JLX.

Powers and Abilities


Chaos possesses the metamutant power to absorb ambient stellar energy and re-emit it as a focused plasma blast. He can also use the energy to fly and erect personal force fields. Joshua's powers manifested themeselves at a very early age, however, and remain raw and unstable. Chaos often loses control of his powers (especially during times of stress), finding himself unable to keep his energy from discharging or unable to alter the trajectory of his flight. Chaos' temperament is equally unstable


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