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The Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 is a fictional superhero group in the Amalgam Comics universe. They first appeared in Spider-Boy Team-up #1. They are the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy and DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes, with a piece of the title taken from the Marvel 2099 series. Their enemies include Kang the Time Conqueror and the Frightful Five.

List of LOGG 2099 members

  • Bouncing Ball - A mix of DC's Bouncing Boy and Marvel's Speedball.
  • Cannonfire - A mix of DC's Wildfire and Marvel's Cannonball.
  • Chameleon - A mix of DC's Chameleon Boy and Marvel's Chameleon.
  • Dream Date - A mix of DC's Dream Girl and Marvel's Destiny.
  • Fantastic Lad - A mix of DC's Elastic Lad and Marvel's Mr. Fantastic.
  • Growing Boy - A mix of DC's Colossal Boy and Marvel's Growing Man.
  • Invisible Girl - A mix of DC's Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart) and Marvel's Invisible Woman.
  • Lady Bug - A mix of DC's Shrinking Violet and Marvel's Wasp.
  • Living Lightning Lad - A mix of DC's Lightning Lad and Marvel's Living Lightning.
  • Living Lightning Lass - A mix of DC's Lightning Lass and Marvel's Living Lightning.
  • Martinex 5 - A mix of DC's Brainiac 5 and Marvel's Martinex.
  • Molecule Lad - A mix of DC's Element Lad and Marvel's Molecule Man.
  • Multiple Maid - A mix of DC's Triplicate Girl and Marvel's Multiple Man.
  • Paste-Eater Pete - A mix of DC's Matter-Eater Lad and Marvel's Paste Pot Pete.
  • Phantom Cat - A mix of DC's Phantom Girl and Marvel's Shadowcat.
  • Psi-Girl - A mix of DC's Saturn Girl and Marvel's Psylocke.
  • Shadowstar - A mix of DC's Shadow Lass and Marvel's Starhawk.
  • Star Charlie - A mix of DC's Star Boy and Marvel's Charlie-27.
  • Sun Lord - A mix of DC's Sun Boy and Marvel's Firelord.
  • Timberwolf By Night - A mix of DC's Timberwolf and Marvel's Werewolf By Night.
  • Universe Boy - A mix of DC's Ultra Boy and Marvel's Captain Universe.
  • Vance Cosmic - A mix of DC's Cosmic Boy and Marvel's Vance Astro.

LOGG 2099 II Members

After a "Chronal Collapse" (similar to DC's Zero Hour), the Legion was rebooted, with new looks and some new members. Most of the combinations now feature the Legion's reboot identities, such as Livewire and Umbra.

  • Chameleon II - a mix of Chameleon (Reboot Chameleon Boy) and Marvel's Chameleon.
  • Darkstar - A mix of DC's Umbra and Marvel's Darkstar
  • Invisible Girl II - A combination of the Lyle Norg version of Invisible Kid and Sue Storm.
  • Lady Bug II - A combination of Violet (Reboot Shrinking Violet)and Marvel's Wasp.
  • 'Lectron - A combination of Livewire (Lightning Lad reboot) and Marvel's Electro.
  • Living Colossus - A combination of Leviathan, Colossal Boy's 1994 Reboot identity, and Marvel's It, the Living Colossus.
  • Martinex 5 II - A combination of the Post-Zero Hour Brainiac 5 and Martinex.
  • Mass - A combination of the post Zero Hour Star Boy and Charlie 27.
  • Myriad - A mix of Triad (Reboot Triplicate Girl) and Multiple Man.
  • Nucleus - A combination of Element Lad II and Molecule Man.
  • Phoenetix - A mix of DC's Kinetix and Marvel's Phoenix II (Rachel Summers).
  • Phantom Cat II - A Combination of Apparition (Phantom Girl's Post-Zero Hour incarnation) and Shadowcat.
  • Psi-Girl - A Combination of the post-Zero Hour Saturn Girl and Psylocke.
  • Sparkler - A combination of Spark (Reboot Lightning Lass) and Marvel's Dazzler.
  • Spider-Boy 2099 - A mix of DC's Mon-El and Marvel's Spider-Man 2099.
  • Universe Boy II - A combination of the Post-Zero Hour Ultra Boy, and Marvel's Captain Universe.
  • Vance Cosmic II - A combination of the Post-Zero Hour Cosmic Boy and Marvel's Vance Astro.
  • Xcel - A mix of DC's XS and Marvel's Spitfire.

Spider-Boy 2099

Spider-Boy 2099 is a fictional Character in the Amalgam Comics universe. He is an amalgamation of DC Comics' Mon-El and Marvel Comics' Spider-Man 2099. He first appeared in Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 (June 1997).

Mig-El Gand is poisoned by a radiation beam in an accident. Spider-Boy sends Mig-El into an alternate dimension, where he waits 100 years in suspended animation. In the year 2099, he is returned to his home reality and given a serum of spider-DNA (developed by Spider-Boy in the future). The serum gives Mig-El spider-like powers of superhuman strength, speed, agility, wall-crawling, and the ability to fire webs from his fingertips. Mig-El becomes Spider-Boy 2099, and joins the Legion Of Galactic Guardians 2099.

When Spider-Boy is attacked by an extradimensional villain, Spider-Boy 2099 time-travels to the past to save his predecessor. After the two arachnid heroes defeat the villain, Spider-Boy 2099 returns to his new home of 2099, and tells Spider-Boy that his life will never be the same after he marries Insect Queen.

Yancy Legion

At one point, Chameleon II, Martinex 5 II, Myriad, Psi-Girl II, Spider-Boy 2099 and Vance Cosmic II were displaced into the 20th century, and pledged to ensure their future would come to pass.

They took the name "Yancy Legion", a combination of the DC's Newsboy Legion and Marvel's Yancy Street Gang.