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Magneto (Erik Magnus) is the Amalgam of DC's Doc Magnus and Marvel's Magneto.


Erik Magnus's metamutant powers manifested in his teens, making his brother Will Magnus hate and fear him. Assuming the identity of Magneto, Erik formed a team of fellow super-powered mutants known as the Brotherhood of Mutants. The rivalry between the Magnus brothers reached a fatal crossroads when Will's Sentinel robots murdered the members of the Brotherhood, except Magneto.

In their memory, Erik used his awesome magnetic might to create the Magnetic Men, a band of robots designed to fight for the mutant cause and against the Sentinels. Magneto also created the super-computer known as Cerebro in order to locate mutants and help them. A strong rivalry exists between Magneto and JLX leader Mister X.


Magneto has complete control over electromagnetic forces, allowing him to manipulate metallic matter, fire force blasts, disrupt electronic systems, create forcefields, and fly via magnetic levitation.