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Mirror Image

Mirror Image (Vanessa Delgado) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Copycat and DC Comics' Mirage.


Vanessa Delgado learned of her metamutant genes when she found her skin had turned blue and her hair became pure white. Her appearance wasn’t permanent though, since she found that she could psionically link with another person and become an exact copy of that person, complete with their memories and even their superhuman powers. Vanessa became the spy known as Mirror Image. On one assignment, Mirror Image was sent to infiltrate the X-Patrol and gather intel on Niles Cable. She used her powers to transform into Elasti-Girl and took her place on the team. However when Mirror Image found that Niles was a good man and a real hero, she switched sides and revealed her deception. While Elasti-Girl initially hated Mirror Image for what she did, the two eventually reached an uneasy truce.