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Multi-Master (Duncan Masters) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Puppet Master and DC Comics' Multi-Man


Duncan Masters was a researcher and roboticist who accompanied the Challengers of the Fantastic on a mission. He found a clay relic full of golden fluid called the Liquid Light. Drinking the Liquid Light, Duncan was transformed into a small man with a huge head.

Discovering that he could revive from death with new powers and control people by making dolls of them with the clay from the relic, Duncan was slowly driven mad by the Liquid Light. Becoming the evil Multi-Master, he schemed to destroy the Challengers, even if meant harming his own daughter June Masters.


Multi-Master can resurrect instantly after death, and gains a different power with each rebirth. He loses the previous power when he dies. Each resurrection takes a toll on his sanity and makes him more evil.

Multi-Master can use the clay from the relic that held the Liquid light to make clay puppets of people that he can use to control them.