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Niles Cable is an Amalgam of Cable and DC Comics' The Chief.

Fictional character biography

Niles Cables is a cybernetically enhanced metamutant from an apocalyptic future, he is the son of Apollo and Firebird. He travels back in time to gather a group of mutants, which are dubbed the X-Patrol, to prevent this bleak future from happening.t

In his first appearance in X-Patrol #1, Niles Cable and the X-Patrol take part in an attack on the country of Latkovia, and face the evil Doctor Doomsday. During the battle, Dr. Doomsday breaks Niles Cable's spine, leaving him a paraplegiac.

In Exciting X-Patrol #1 (July 1997), Niles Cable rescues fellow X-Patrol member Shatterstarfire from Brother Brood. Cable is nearly infected by a member of the alien Brood, but is saved by Raveniya. Niles is subsequently infected with a nanovirus that nearly kills him, but he is resurrected by Raveniya.

Powers and abilities

Niles is a metamutant with high-level psionic powers including telepathy and telekinesis. He can read minds, broadcast his thoughts to either communicate with others or control minds, and fire mind-shattering psychic blasts. He can create protective force shields that can deflect even the most powerful of attacks. Niles can telekinetically rearrange the molecular structure of matter, such as his clothes. His left eye glows, for some reason related to his mutant powers. However, Niles must divert most of his psionic strength to his cybernetic parts to keep the techno-virus inside them from spreading into his body.

He possesses minor superhuman strength and durability. Niles is trained in the use of many futuristic and conventional firearms, unarmed combat, and guerrilla tactics.


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