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Mon-Ro as American Lad

Noble (Mon-Ro) is an Amalgam of Marvel Comics's Bucky II/Nomad and DC Comics' Marvel Lad/Valor.


Mon-Ro was a young explorer from the planet Daxam whose ship crashed on Earth in the 1950's, just a few years after the disappearance of Super-Soldier. Government agents from the United States found his ship, and when he displayed powers similar to those of Super-Soldier, they mistakenly assumed that Mon-Ro must have arrived from the same planet as the alien whose DNA they had used to create the serum that gave Super-Soldier his powers. Suffering from amnesia due to a head injury he sustained during the crash, Mon-Ro was led to believe he was a human named Jack Monroe and that he was Super-Soldier's young sidekick American Lad. Secretly they had used blood samples from the crash to create a new super-serum which they gave to Hank Burnside to create a new Super-Soldier. The agents convinced Jack that Hank was the original Super-Soldier. American Lad and the new Super-Soldier were crime fighting partners until the serum that gave Hank his powers caused his body to start falling apart and had driven him mad. When Hank was rebuilt with cybernetic body parts he went on a rampage and American Lad had to fight his partner to stop him. Jack was critically injured in the fight and was placed in cryogenic stasis. He awoke years later and discovered the truth that he was Mon-Ro. Mon-Ro met the real Super-Soldier and was inspired to continue his fight for justice, with his own identity, the Noble.