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Piotr and his twin Alexi were all each other had, since even their mother couldn't bear to look on their faces. The twins showed everything from the moment they were born. Yet while saving Alexi's life from an oncoming truck, Piotr changed into living metal, stopping it. He was a metamutant, but Alexi was not. alexi's growing resentment drove him away and left Piotr alone. He was recruited by Niles Cable, a mysterious traveler from the future, to join the X-Patrol. In their first appearance in X-Patrol #1, Ferro Man and his fellow metamutant teammates became involved in the siege of Latkovia against Doctor Doomsday.

Ferro Man and the X-Patrol return in Exciting X-Patrol #1. This time the team faces Brother Brood.


He can change his skin into living metal


None known


None known


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