Ray Summers (Amalgam Universe)


His parents were metamutant fearing people, so they kept him home until he was a teen, telling him that sunlight would kill him. In reality, it made him stronger, he could direct the internalized sunlight through his eyes. Apollo followed Mister X when he formed the JLX from the ranks of JLA, and aided him on his quest to find Mariner's lost home of Atlantis, a long-lost metamutant safe-haven. During Firebird's coma, Ray met and fell briefly in love with Madeline Pryor, the Red Queen (Firebird's twin). This affair ended in tragedy when the Red and White Queens destroyed each other in Alice Arcade's giant chess tournament. Apollo and Firebird travel back in time to the Malformed West and encounter Ra's A-Pocalypse. This event will one day lead to the Age of Ra's A-Pocalypse. Apollo and Firebird return to the Old West and encounter Generation Hex. Firebird discovers that one of the outlaw malforms is her ancestor. The events surrounding the Armageddon Agenda and the transformation of Firebird into Dark Firebird left Apollo in a catatonic comatose state. Barely able to control his autonomic functions, Apollo snaps out of it when he uses his metamutant power to absorb solar radiation to draw the power out of Fin Fang Flame. However, Apollo mutated even further into a bright, glowing energy being. Apollo is romantically involved with fellow JLX team member Firebird (mirroring the Marvel Universe's Cyclops-Phoenix relationship).

Powers and Abilities


Apollo can absorb solar radiation and direct it through his eyes


Apollo has excellent leadership skills


None known



Apollo wears a visor that helps him control his optic blasts

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