Rhomann Sur

Rhomann Sur was an Amalgam Comics character, and an agent of Oa the Living Planet.

After his spaceship crashed outside of Coast City, Rhomann Sur used his remaining energy to bring Hal Stark by levitating his stationary flight-simulator. However, Rhomann died before he could deliver a message. It was later revealed that Rhomann Sur had been shot down by alien antagonists en route to earth, and that he had drank a sort of poison after bringing Hal Stark to the wreckage.

With Stark close to death from the impact, he used the wreckage of Rhomanns' ship to construct the suit that would later make him Iron Lantern.

In appearance, Rhomann Sur is either a creature buried in armour or an alien with metal as part of its' anatomical make-up. His helmet is red with three Green Lantern symbols on them. His death was avenged when Iron Lantern defeated the aliens that shot him down.

Rhomann Sur is a cross between Rhomann Dey of Marvel Comics and the Green Lantern Abin Sur of DC Comics.

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