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Scarlet Spinneret

Scarlet Spinneret (Laurel Kaine) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Scarlet Spider and DC Comics' Supergrrrl.


When Project Cadmus decided to try creating a clone of Super-Soldier, they first attempted to create the clone using the DNA of heroes with similar powers. One such attempt used the genetic material of American Girl. However, the clone was genetically unstable and unable to control her powers due to the unusual origins of American Girl's powers. She was kept in suspended animation in the most secret parts of Cadmus.

When the King Lizard escaped from Cadmus, he damaged the power core keeping the clone alive. Spider-Boy found the clone and attempted to have the scientists cure her with a serum derived from his own blood and the DNA of a red widow spider. The serum stabilized the clone's genetic code and powers and she was able to be revived.

Spider-Boy gave her the identity of Laurel Kaine, the "cousin" of his alter ego Pete Ross. Laurel was also given the codename Spider-Girl, though she rejected the name as she felt it was too derivative of her cousin's. Instead, she opted for her own identity as the Scarlet Spinneret.


Scarlet Spinneret has American Girl's powers of superhuman strength and limited invulnerability. While she can't fly she can leap 1/8th of a mile in a single jump.

The serum Spider-Boy gave Scarlet Spinneret to stabilize her DNA also gave her the power to cling to walls and fire organic webbing from spinnerets in her wrists.