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Scorpi-Con (Kenny Gargan) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Scorpion and DC Comics' Conduit.


Kenny Gargan was an industrial saboteur who was hired by the Agenda Corporation to infiltrate Project Cadmus and sabotage their attempt to clone Super-Soldier. He managed to trigger an explosion that claimed the life of Peter Parker and prematurely awoke the clone who would go on to become Spider-Boy.

The explosion also exposed Kenny to harmful radiation, leaving him with severe radiation poisoning. The Agenda Corporation treated Kenny's illness with a scorpion-DNA serum before putting him in an armored containment suit (called the Scorpi-Con suit) to shield everyone around him from the radiation he was emitting.

Kenny named himself Scorpi-Con after the armor he now wore. Suffering altered perceptions due to his radiation poisoning, Scorpi-Con mistakenly believed that Spider-Boy had exposed him to the radiation, and now his mission in life is to destroy the young hero.

Powers and Abilities

Scorpi-Con has the proportionate strength of a scorpion and the ability to channel his radiation into energy blasts.

Scorpi-Con's containment suit gives him invulnerability and features a cybernetic scorpion tail.