Selina Luthor (sometimes referred to as Madame Cat), is a supervillainess from Amalgam Comics, who first appeared in Bruce Wayne Agent of Shield #1 (April 1996), although her metafictional appearance was in Strange Tales of War #110.


Selina Luthor was the daughter of Green Skull (AKA: Lex Luthor) and Lois Lane. When Lois tried to protect her daughter from her fathers' evil, Luthor killed his wife and took his daughter under his wing in the ranks of HYDRA.

However, the pain from losing her mother never died away, and when Bruce Wayne sent a S.H.I.E.L.D. strike against one of HYDRAS' bases, she killed her father (though this turned out to be a double in disguise) and seized control of HYDRA. Her fate afterward was unknown, as the Base was seen to explode, but the fate of those within was unrecorded.


Selina is well-experienced with a whip, being able to snatch away guns with it and use it to strangle opponents. She is also equipped with clawed gloves that can tear flesh easily.

Selina Luthor is a mixture of Catwoman of DC Comics with elements of Viper from Marvel Comics.