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Shadowbird (Jillian Arkadin) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Shadowoman and DC Comics' Firebird.


Jillian Arkadin was born with mysterious telepathic powers that she used as a psychic detective. While on a case involving the theft of occult artifacts, she was attacked by the thief. He released a demon that mortally wounded her. Dying, Jillian was able to make contact with a powerful magical statute that allowed her soul to be placed in a body made of living shadows. Reborn, Jillian became the Shadowbird and used her psychic abilities along with her new shadow powers to fight supernatural crime.


Shadowbird is a telepath, able to read minds and communicate with others by projecting her thoughts. She is also telekinetic and can move objects with her mind.

After being reborn as a shadow being, Shadowbird gained the power to fire blasts of darkness and fly. She can also become an immaterial shade and walk through solid matter.