The Silver Racer (AKA: Willie Lincoln) is a superhero from Amalgam Comics, whose first appearance was in Challengers of the Fantastic #1, though his appearance in Amalgam continuity is unknown. He is also the Asgodian Avatar of Death.

Silver Racer was once a man named Willie Lincoln, who became the Silver Racer in later years. He knew the Challengers of the Fantastic from an unspecified story, and he took responsibility for killing some of the scientists working for Spider-Boy, but only after they attacked him out of fear.

Later, Silver Racer helped to defeat Galactiac, but his powers were removed by Dr. Doomsday, who used them for his own. Silver Racers' current activities are unknown.

Silver Racer is an amalgam of Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics and Black Racer from DC Comics. His alter ego of Willie Lincoln is an amalgam of the Black Racer's alter ego of Willie Walker, and the Daredevil supporting character Willie Lincoln, both of whom are black Vietnam vets.