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The Sinister Society is a fictional robotic supervillain team in the Amalgam Comics universe. The team's name is a fusion of DC Comic's Secret Society of Super Villains and Marvel Comics's Sinister Six.

They made their debut in The Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto #1 (June 1997), but in Amalgam continuity, they first appeared in The Astonishing and the Bold #97

Fictional Team Biography

The Sinister Society were created by Will Magnus to destroy his brother, Magneto and his creations, the Magnetic Men. But, disgusted by the ugly robotic forms bestowed upon them by Magnus, the Sinister Society instead rebelled against their master and set out on their own, hoping to find a way to make themselves look more human, like the Magnetic Men.

After capturing the Magnetic Men and trying to remove their Magnetometers in an attempt to achieve their goal, the Sinister Society eventually joined forces with Magneto, realizing they had a common enemy in Will Magnus. [1]


Black Vulture - A combination of DC's Black Condor and Marvel's Vulture. Composed of Nth metal. Has the power of flight and missile firing capabilities.

Chemodam - A combination of DC's Chemo and Marvel's MODAM. Joint leader with Quasimodox. Team strategist. Inner body composed of many chemicals, any of which can be selected and sprayed at her opponents.

Deathborg - A combination of DC's Cyborg and Marvel's Deathlok. Utilizes the power of Prometheum, which acts as both his weapon and his armor.

Kultron - A combination of DC's Kobra and Marvel's Ultron. Is constructed of Adamantium, making him practically indestructible.

Quasimodox - A combination of DC's Brainiac and Marvel's Quasimodo. Joint leader with Chemodam. Possesses superstrength and superintelligence.

Soniklaw - A combination of DC's Sonar and Marvel's Klaw Utilizes Vibranium-based sonic blasts.

Vance Cosmic (robot) - A combination of DC's Cosmic Boy and Marvel's Vance Astro (No apparent relation to the Vance Cosmic of the Legion Of Galactic Guardians 2099). Harnesses the power of the element Inertron for magnetic attacks.



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