Template:Superherobox Skulk is a fictional character and Amalgam Comics superhero, whose true debut was in Doctor Strangefate #1 (1996), though his (metafictional) debut was in Tales of Strangefate #157. He is a combination of DC Comics' Solomon Grundy and Marvel Comics' Hulk.

Super Name Skulk
Real Name Bruce Banner
Aliases Skulkster The Skulk Man The gray scarr Skulky Shulk
Publisher Amalgam Comics
Creators None
Gender Male
Character Type Radiation
First Appearance Doctor Strangefate #1 - The Decrees of Fate
Appears in 4 issues
Birthday n/a
Died None

Character overview and history

Bruce Banner was a scientist experimenting with radiation. An experiment he was working on went horribly wrong, however, and fused him with the elemental entity known as Solomon Grundy. The fusion between Banner and Solomon Grundy became known only as the Skulk. After a confrontation with Dr. Strangefate, Strangefate showed the Skulk that he could keep the Skulk in his human form with the use of magic. The Skulk agreed to work as an agent of Dr. Strangefate in return for Strangefate keeping Skulk in the form of Bruce Banner most of the time. He was one of the agents that Dr. Strangefate sent after Access, though the Skulk failed to capture him.

In the alternate universe where Lobo the Duck resides, the Skulk was killed by the mystery villain who was also responsible for the deaths of Dr. Strangefate, Vikki Valkyrie, Super-Soldier, and Hawkhawk, among others.

Powers and Abities

Skulk possesses Agility, Berserker Strength, Feral Healing ,Immortal ,  Invulnerability,Longevity, Radiation Size Manipulation, Stamina ,Super Strength, Unarmed Combat 


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