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Spiral Harley

Spiral Harley (Harleen Wayword) is the Amalgam of Marvel's Spiral and DC's Harley Quinn.


Dr. Harleen Wayword was a psychiatrist assigned to help patients at Ravencroft Asylum, where she met and fell in love with the Hyena. After helping him escape, he repaid her by throwing her into a vat of acid. She would have died, but she was saved by her future self, a disfigured cyborg calling herself Spiral. Her organs failing, Spiral had traveled back in time to prevent her future from happening. Spiral was able to use sorcery and nanotechnology and was able to mutate Harleen into a six-armed version of herself armed with cybernetic parts and a newfound knowledge of magic. Horrified by what she was turned into, Harleen used her new powers to destroy Spiral. Now calling herself Spiral Harley, Harleen became a being of pure chaos. She still loved the Hyena in her own twisted, evil way and decided the best way to show her love was to constantly try to break his body and his mind.


Spiral Harley is a sorceress, capable of using magic to influence people, cast teleportation spells or fire blasts of arcane energy. She is superhumanly strong and a lethal combatant, able to use her six arms in a variety of fighting moves. She is also an expert marksman thanks to her cybernetic parts giving her near-perfect targeting skills. Spiral Harley's background in psychology, combined with her magical influence, allows her to manipulate people for her own dark desires.