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The Tarantula

Tarantula (Peter Parker) is the Amalgam of Marvel's Spider-Man and DC's Tarantula.


Peter Parker was young grad student who took a job as a crime photographer for the Daily Bugle to help pay for tuition. Having idolized Super-Soldier as a child, and taking photos of the new generation of heroes saving the day, Peter decided it was his responsibility to use his skills to help people. Inspired by the arachnids he loved to study, Peter used his formula for a quick-drying spray adhesive to create a weapon that could fire sticky webs (his Web-Gun) and designed a suit with suction cups in the gloves and boots to allow him to stick to walls. Peter became a superhero known as the Tarantula, which would inspire his girlfriend Gwen Stacy into becoming Gimmick Girl.

However, when his elderly aunt learned of his secret identity, the shock gave her a heart attack. Upon her recovery Peter promised his aunt he would retire as a hero, and devoted himself to science. Peter became a scientist at Project Cadmus and helped them clone the hero who would be known as Spider-Boy.

Ironically, as Peter had given up being the Tarantula as his aunt worried he would be killed fighting criminals, the cloning experiment he was working on was sabotaged by Kenny Gargan and Peter died in an explosion. However, his part legacy lived on through Spider-Boy, who used a redesigned version of the Tarantula's Web-Gun as his personal weapon, the Web-Shooter.