The Big Question (AKA: Edward Enigma Fisk) is a fictional character in Amalgam Comics, who first
appeared in Assassins #1, though in Amalgam continuity, his debut was in Dare the Terminator #4.

Arkham Tower

The Big Question rules New Gotham City from Arkham Tower, a literal tribute to bureaucratic madness. As well as booby-traps and mercenaries on various floors, the entire tower is guarded by the inmates of the former Arkham Asylum, where the Tower now stands. The topmost room is the lair of Dr. Strangefate, with The Big Questions' office on the floor below.

Dare and Catsai

The Big Question had been hunting after Dare The Terminator for sometime, and implanted two horns into her skull to make her look more like a daredevil. Though he saw Catsai as a "tramp", he hired them both to assassinate him in a plot to redeem Enigmas' political stance and gain the trust of the New Gotham public and press. After "killing" Dare, The Big Question was beaten to a pulp by Catsai, who reported Enigma to Jimmy Urich of the Gotham Bugle newspaper, finishing Enigmas' career in office.

Powers and abilities

The Big Question is an infusion of Riddler of DC Comics and Kingpin of Marvel Comics.

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