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Iceberg's origins and background are still a mystery, though it is known that she joined the JLX sometime during its first series, JLX. Like many of her fellow teammates, including Mister X, Apollo, Runaway, and Nightcreeper, Iceberg was captured and incarcerated in a holding cell specifically designed for metamutants like herself. This occured during the Armageddon Agenda, when Will Magnus was given permission by the government to hunt metamutants. When Amazon assembled the new JLX to defeat Fin Fang Flame, Iceberg was a part of the new team, her powers greatly assisted in the battle against Fin Fang Flame. Unlike most JLX members, she has no known previous affiliation with the Judgment League Avengers.


Iceberg possesses the metamutant power to generate cold and ice (which, by her own accounts, is a "hoot" at parties)


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