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Typhoid Harlequin

Typhoid Harlequin (Duela Walker) is the Amalgam of Marvel's Typhoid Mary and DC's Harlequin.


When Duela Walker's metamutant powers manifested, the shock triggered a split in her personality. Duela was unable to use her powers, but her new personality, Typhoid Harlequin had full control over their psychic powers. Initially, Typhoid Harlequin believed that she was the Hyena's daughter. Hyena took advantage of her mental state to convince her that the Duela side of her personality was the result of being brainwashed by the Dark Claw. Hyena turned Typhoid Harlequin into his sidekick and used her powers for his own gain,

Powers and abilities

Typhoid Harlequin possesses the psychic powers of telekinesis and mind control, but when her Duela persona is in control she loses access to those powers.