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Uatu the Guardian

Uatu the Guardian is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Uatu the Watcher and DC Comics' Ganthet.


Uatu the Guardian founded the Starbrand Corps, a group of intergalactic heroes. However, Uatu slowly became evil, deciding that he needed to kill the Starbrand Corp so that he could "usher in a new universe". While attempting to murder Harold Jordan, Uatu was killed by the Speed Demon.

Uatu was reborn, still evil and devoid of sanity or morality. The Challengers of the Fantastic used a device called a Mother Cube to turn Uatu good. Uatu swore to never harm humans or interfere with their lives ever again.

Uatu broke his vow when he helped the Challengers of the Fantastic defeat Galactiac.


Uatu the Guardian possesses a wide array of psychic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and precognition.

Uatu can also manipulate cosmic energy and create space-time warps which he uses to teleport himself and others.

Uatu is immortal and can revive after being fatally injured.