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Venom Stinger

Venom Stinger (Eddie Brock) is is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Venom and DC Comics' Stinger.


Eddie Brock was a lab tech at Cadmus who was a secretly selling Cadmus secrets to the A.I.M. Agenda. He was exposed by Spider-Boy and fired. Eddie sought revenge and planned to steal genetic samples from the Cadmus labs for the A.I.M. Agenda. As he was escaping with the stolen samples, Eddie was stopped by Spider-Boy and during the fight Eddie was exposed to the alien symbiote the Cadmus had created Bizarnage from. The alien ooze bonded with Eddie and transformed into the deadly Venom Stinger.

With Eddie's hatred of Spider-Boy and the alien's hatred of Cadmus for experimenting on it, Venom Stinger seeks to use his symbiotic powers of superhuman strength, claws, and webbing along with his own weapons and tech to bring Spider-Boy's world crashing around him.