Deadeye is an assassin and one of Dare the Terminator's enemies.

In an altercation with Dare, Deadeye severely damaged her right eye (resulting in her having to wear a patch), although Dare had already lost her sight in an experiment involving radioactive chemicals before this incident.

After a climactic battle, Deadeye "killed" fellow assassin Catsai (Elektra Kyle), but the feline fatale, who proved to have as many lives as her namesake, returned to the world of the living soon after.

Brought together by corrupt New Gotham mayor the Big Question (Edward Nigma Fisk), Deadeye and his fellow assassins, Lethal (Sergei Minerva) and Wired (Nathan Chase), discovered that they had past defeats at the hands of the same women (Dare and Catsai) in common. Together, Deadeye, Lethal, and Wired figured that they could teach their mutual enemies a lesson in respect. Working for the Big Question made them think that the road to riches was all puzzled out.

On their way to kill the Big Question, Dare (Slade Murdock) and Catsai (Elektra Kyle) got the jump on Deadeye in the lower levels of Arkham Tower. Catsai gladly stuck one of her sais in his back, leaving the assassin for dead.


Deadeye is notorious for his lethal aim and for never having missed his mark


Deadeye is a highly skilled assassin


None known


Any object in Deadeye's hands is a potential weapon



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